Sunday, 2 February 2014

It’s snowing, we're in the Alps - no surprise there then

Margaret has several wishes to fulfill this holiday. She had wanted to try snowshoeing, she had wanted it to snow and she wanted to see Roxy (aka Maurice), the very smelly farm dog.
On Saturday night and through Sunday, the snow wish was granted as it snowed pretty steadily all night and through part of Sunday. I was woken at 5am by the snowplough, which reaches the highest point of the village and the end of its run just outside Maison Blueski.
It pushes the snow into a road-blocking bank just above our house and the farmer then has to clear it to get to his higher fields. He often does this by driving a tractor straight through it or sometimes by means of his mechanical shovel. Anyway, the snowplough turns round amid revving engine and a bleeping reversing alarm.

It was nice to see the trees covered with snow and in the afternoon we saw a small herd of deer moving down through the trees towards some open, snow-covered, pasture.