Monday, 22 February 2016

My grandson makes a surprise early arrival

Well, this has been quite a day for grandchildren! I had volunteered to look after Julia today because Margaret has had a bad cold and cough. Margaret has been doing one or two days a week helping with Julia to allow Lucia some study time to get her dissertation written.
White I was driving down to Baldock, the phone beeped a few times. I thought it might be Tom or Lucia sending me a message, so when I was stopped in the queue for the Sandy roundabout, I took a quick peep.
It was a message from Sam to say that Lucy had given birth just half an hour earlier. We knew she was having a boy, so no surprise there, but it wasn’t a message I expected to see. I have to say that on a grey Monday morning, it made me swell with happiness.
Lucy only gave up work on Friday and the due date was still a couple of weeks away, so my new grandson wasn’t hanging around. He weighed in at 7lbs 5ozs (they still use imperial weights for babies). I think he’s going to be called Arthur.
First picture of Arthur - possibly not his best side.

I didn’t have long to muse on this new member of the family. Julia was waiting for me (in Tom’s arms) and gave me a nice smile. Sometimes, she doesn’t want to come to me if Margaret or her mother is available, but she was happy enough this morning (phew). Lucia put her to bed before leaving for the library (where she works on her dissertation) and she slept for only about 20 minutes.
Julia makes a grab for my phone - that will
teach me to try a selfie.
We had a nice play during the morning. She’s very happy provided she has your attention and she spent a long time on her alpaca mat sorting out bricks and dolls from her basket. We’d gone upstairs for a change of scenery on the jungle play mat when mum arrived home. Thankfully, she was met by a happy baby, so Eric got a team point. I even managed to change a nappy (with a little help from Lucia at a critical point).
After lunch (Julia is doing baby-led weaning) Julia was put to bed for another snooze, but she stayed asleep for an hour and a half. In fact, she was still asleep when Lucia came home, so grandfather had a pretty easy time of it! Maybe I tired her out during the morning or perhaps she couldn’t take any more of my singing.
I’m baby-sitting again on Wednesday – and I’m rather looking forward to it. Not sure I’ll get such an easy ride next time ...